Great stories and the stories behind them

Historic Interactive Dining Events

Like a Lost Boys Deliveroo featuring work inspired by historical events, these unique dining experiences bring the theatre to your doorstep, well, close enough; to your local pub, club, museum, or your favourite national trust property, all designed to give you a great night out creating an intimate, and immersive encounter with The Lost Boys.

Cinematic Adaptations

In these co-productions The Lost Boys explore and experiment with digital technologies, blend them with tried and tested live theatre techniques all to create new ways of experiencing theatre. We take our inspiration from great works of literature and cinema, carry out some hefty reading, engage in rigorous R and D, then co-create with other arts and digital organisations resulting in new live and digital productions.


See something here you like, or maybe you have seen us in the flesh and thought they are exactly what we need, then don't hesitate to contact us, we will respond forthwith, and as long as the commission meets our likes and aims, we would love to work with you. Our commissioned work includes street theatre and outdoor theatre, but also anything that uses our experience and knowledge of putting shows on in non-traditional spaces. Ultimately, when we work with partners and/or commissioners we strive very hard to ensure maximum success for all parties.


The Lost Boys are developing a series of podcasts related to our work reflecting on our research, rehearsals, processes, and productions. These podcasts will feature typical Lost Boys meanderings, interviews, and more.

Film and Streaming

The Lost Boys also make film and video work, look out for us on our dedicated Youtube channel. Here you might find, fight scenes, behind-the-scenes, sketches, and short films.


We love sharing skills we have picked up along the way. We offer bespoke theatrical workshops on a variety of subjects. However, our main output and passion are working in communities, and with young people, both in formal settings and informal settings. These workshops are often connected to our productions.

The Lost Boys are...

Our Values

Have a great time, learn something new.


Great stories from history, literature, and cinema. We love exploring stories we know, stories we don’t, if they fascinate us, then maybe they will fascinate you, and vice versa. It’s all about exploring stories together.


With different ways of presenting to an audience whether that is a space, a performance style, or new technologies. See us somewhere different, doing something different with something you already know, whilst being as ‘Green as possible’.


By shining new light and offering fresh perspectives, telling the story behind the story. What makes these stories great, why are they so popular, how have they stood the test of time, how did they come to be, what are their hidden secrets?


Through education and participation. For us, the best way to learn is by doing something fun, making productions, playing in the rehearsal room, even our research is fun. We want to pass that on through workshops, performance and digital technology.


Via live and digital performances. We want the project to entertain us throughout it’s entire life-cycle, more importantly we want you to be entertained, have a great time. We love our job.


The humdrum of life. So many things to worry about. So many things on the ‘to-do’ list. Not enough time, well, make sure you build in time to see the latest Lost Boys show, go on, you need it, you want it, you will thank us later.


By challenging ourselves through complex projects and bold productions. We achieve this by working with partners in a mutually beneficial way, ensuring maximum reciprocity and success, ‘We want to do this, we dont know how yet, but we want to do it with you and make it ahuge success for both of us’.