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Sticking an adventure where the sun don't shine.

A shy bookworm persuades his once adventuring uncle to accompany him on a quest like no other, all to win the hand of the girl of his dreams. But, another duo stands in their way. The scene is set for a jaw-dropping race, where the finish line may prove deadly. This adaptation of four of Jules Verne’s expedition novels fuses adventure and scientific discovery with The Lost Boys' own brand of performance. Once again they will be throwing the unusual mix of ingredients into the theatrical blender and setting it to full whiz.

  • The Lost Boys Devised

  • Seated performance

  • Indoor performance

Looking Back

The tricky second album. Following the success and audience reaction to Around the World in 80 Plays. We thought we had hit on gold-dust with rough adaptations of Jules Verne's work. So we set about adapting the next one. The novel itself, whilst good, didn't lend itself readily to performance, however, we ploughed on and wrote the first draft, we then began working on full concept. We knew we wanted to embrace the use of projection and digital technology further, having played with it in our first show. This time we set about creating entire worlds through interactive animation. This method would eventually become a Masters Dissertation for the animator, and not the only time The Lost Boys would become an integral part of post-graduate research. We then realised that the script was not working but we loved the concept, we recognised that the field of inspiration was too narrow for our capricious tendencies and so, we then read the remaining works of Jules Verne, the conclusion was to meld four of these novels together into one epic quest and the prize would be the love of a woman for the victor.
We had so much fun creating characters and worlds ranging from the bottom of the ocean, the molten core of the earth, space and a cannibal inhabited island. The rehearsal process of this show was rigorous due to technical aspects and timing of character change and interactive projection, at times it felt as much like working on a film than theatre, with the amount of pre - production shooting we carried out. The results were good and some of those characters actually had life beyond this production, appearing on subsequent shows.However, the technical demands caused us to rethink our approach a little and we reacted, by considering no tech for our next shows, although we would maintain the home-made props and costume idea that continues to this day. Indeed, one such disgusting prop we created for this, actually mysteriously disappeared, we suspect because someone saw a disturbing value in it!

Cast & Crew

  • Ben Adwick as Professor, Annabel, Steel Raynes, Chandelier & Mr Lava Man

  • Paul Broesmith as Henry, Annabel, Seigfried, Chandelier, Poop, Beckett & Giant Cannibal

  • Dance Choreography - DanceInTime

  • Projection & Sound - Chris Coleman

  • Stage Crew - Victoria Smith & David Ward