The year is 1816 and the "mad, bad and dangerous to know" Lord Byron is about to leave his ancestral home, and his country for good. And for bad. The infamous earl's departure is interrupted by the arrival of another great, revolutionary poet, Shelley, who has already found his ideal woman, Mary. Fire and brimstone collide as the two poets' brilliance and bravado clash.

  • New writing

  • Seated performance

  • Indoor performance

Looking Back

Co-produced with Derby Live and originally created bespoke for Kedleston Hall as a site-specific theatrical and dining experience, this production returned for a second run due to it's popularity and itself became the foundation for The Lost Boys biggest production to date; The Creation of Frankenstein.
Although, when A Romantic Affair was first discussed The Lost Boys were not entirely convinced about playing the celebrated romantic poets, but agreed it would be another adventure and one to learn from. They quickly adapted and enjoyed the task, after all who doesn't want to play rakish lovers and drink copious amounts of port on stage! Another thing the costumes were really cool to wear!

Cast & Creative Team

  • Ben Adwick as Lord Byron

  • Paul Broesmith as Percy Shelley

  • Anna Cousins as Mary Shelley

  • Playwright - Peter Roberts

  • Director - Pete Meakin

  • DSM - Dave Barton / Emma Duder

A Romantic Affair trailer

Opening Night