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The small rural town of Quolon is threatened by a terrifying creature and only two cowboy-plumbers stand in its way.

Dave and Barry of High Noon Plumbing are strangers in the eerie backwater of Quolon and are rapidly thrust into a world of blocked pipes, backed up toilets, and mysterious, gruesome deaths that all leads to a frightening conclusion that could spell the end for us all. To top it off, Dave and Barry quickly fall under the suspicion of the over-zealous Sergeant Gruff and the inappropriate PC Camp. Can Dave and Barry step up and be the heroes that Quolon needs? Can they prove their innocence in time to defeat the monster? Will the people of the world live to poo another day? There is only one way to find out.

  • The Lost Boys devised work

  • Seated performance

  • Indoor performance

Looking Back

We knew we wanted a monster, we knew this was going to be a homage to B-Movies. We had enjoyed creating the Serial Adventure Matinee world of Voyage to the Centre of the Earth and increasingly films were inspiring us more than anything else. So turning our attention to B-Movies and even Roger Corman-esque works was a no-brainer. But we couldn't settle on the monster, we went through several ideas, including a Wi-fi monster, how rubbish would that have been? Then Ben suggested a Poo Monster. It landed straight away and within one afternoon we had the structure, plot and most of the characters down. I think this is the quickest we have ever written. We wanted it to be wittier than the title suggested and also subvert the genre cliches whilst still recognising the great works of the sub-genre. We created a world and populated it with characters that could all be found in different movies of this type. All of this was done with a knowing nod and wink.
The show quickly became a favourite and enjoyed three runs including at, the then newly re-opened, Derby Theatre before going to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013, where it got great reviews. The Poo Monster even made it onto the cover of USA Today newspaper! The show itself had the hallmarks of a Lost Boys production, home-made set, props, costume, original theme song, but gone was the projection and fancy tech, in came two shopping trolleys that would double up as a car, caravan, and wig storage. This show more than any other followed us everywhere, for a while we were often referred to as the Poo Monster boys. After 2 more runs, we finally laid it to rest despite talks of a sequel and even a musical...a poosical if you will.


  • Ben Adwick as Barry, Sgt Gruff, Barbara Barbara & The Poo Monster

  • Paul Broesmith as Dave, PC Camp, Mayor, Bob Down & The Poo Monster

In performance

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