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After tickling audiences' funny bones by creating comedic plays for the previous six years, we turned our hands to stand-up and brought our first ever stand-up and sketch show to The Derby Comedy Festival in 2015.

Inspired by film, we utilised the artistic licence and liberties Hollywood takes with world history and created a show that presented a timeline of mankind as the leading film industry would have us believe. Including huge inaccuracies, gaping plot-holes, graphs, pie charts, swords, song, and send-ups as some of our favourite cinema classics came under the microscope.

  • The Lost Boys devised

  • Seated performance

  • Indoor performance

Looking Back

Arguably the culmination of six years of experimenting and exploring our passions, inspirations and eschewed views of the world. This production created for the Derby Comedy Festival, saw us apply the lessons we had learned through Around the World in 80 Plays, Voyage to the Centre of the Earth and even our lesser known forays into stand up comedy. The result then, a comedy show model we refer to as Stand-up and Play. Like its forefather '80 plays' this went through so many rewrites, incarnations and concepts that we probably could have made three or four other shows. We had so much fun creating this, even the mountain of research was fun, whether that was watching films and documentaries or reading a brilliant book by George MacDonald Fraser on a beach in Crete or learning the very basics of time-travel theory and alternative dimensions. The result and Brain-gasm lovechild of Paul and Ben. Indeed, we may well revisit this for a tour coming soon.


  • Ben Adwick

  • Paul Broesmith