The Lost Boys third street theatre outing sees them tackle polar exploration inspired by Shackleton and Scott, by creating a performance verite (or as close to it as possible) without the frostbite and hostile creatures. Join them as they clamber over crevasses, slide down screes, hunker down against the wind and fend off polar bears.

  • Outdoor performance

  • Interactive

  • Lost Boys Devised

Looking Back

Inspired by the arduous polar expeditions of Shackleton and Scott, this walkabout show, involved us pulling a large sled with all our gear on and recreating moments on the ice. An original SFX score was created to and we sourced and re-created clothing and gear from the time period. This was created as two different performances; one of which was aimed at family festivals and featured a trail with participatory instructions and one of which that featured no dialogue but set-pieces carried out as if the audience were not there. This work featured at festivals across England.


  • Ben Adwick

  • Paul Broesmith