Jakob's brother Wilhelm has gone missing and he needs your help to find him so they can finish their storybook. Together you must embark on a perilous quest through fairy tale land to help Jake find his Willy. A promenade adventure into a world filled with chatty wolves, batty witches and scatty dragons.

  • Lost Boys Devised

  • Outoor performance

  • Family friendly

  • Promenade performance

Looking Back

Originally commissioned by Sudbury Hall and National Museum of Childhood, this promenade, outdoor piece was created to entertain the crowds during the peak half-term season. A trek throughout the grounds and gardens of the National Trust property that doubled as Fairy Tale Land provided ample opportunity for site-specific scenes and set pieces as part of the narrative. Since that first commission it has returned to the venue seven times.


  • Ben Adwick as Jakob Grimm

  • Paul Broesmith aas Wilhelm Grimm

Brothers Grimm Promenade