‘All children, except two (sic) grow up’

Devised Work

From dining experiences to street theatre and promenade performances, these events are 100% Lost Boys and come with all the hijinks and laughs our audiences have come to expect. We'll bring you with us on our adventures, the audience is always part of the action, so you'll never see the same show twice.


Sometimes we team up with other organisations to produce more traditional theare. These joint productions usually use scripts that are written by someone other than ourselves and you might see us acting a little more grown-up than usual but we always choose productions which adhere to The Lost Boys values and showcase new writing.


We love sharing some of the skills we've picked up along the way. We offer team building, corporate and theatrical workshops in a variety of subjects such as public speaking and stage combat. We also often run educational workshops for schools which tie in with our current production.

Choose theatre. Choose a film. Choose a book. Choose a fucking big television; choose HBO, Sky, Virgin, Amazon Prime, Choose Netflix and fucking chill. Choose sitting on that couch watching; mind-numbing, spirit-crushing reality TV, game shows, procedural cop dramas, depressing Swedish drama. Choose the cinema, 3D, Xplus, IMAX. Choose the latest franchise tent-pole smash, choose a humble indie starring a household name, better still go to the west end and watch him or her tread the boards. Choose the Man booker Prize. Choose the classics. Choose what stories you read to your kids at night, choose the fucking Richard and Judy Book Club. Choose the event. Choose the immersive experience. Choose the intimate studio production. Choose the all singing, all dancing jukebox musical. Choose the genre. Choose comedy, tragedy, tragic -comedy. Choose the director. Choose the writer. Choose the actor…’Ooh, he was good in’…fuck that. Choose not to choose. Choose something else. Choose all of these… Choose The Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys are...

Our Values

Be original

We create brand new, individual, one-of-a-kind performance. Straight from our brains to your face.

Be somewhere new

We take the performance to the people, using non-traditional spaces to create immersive events.

Be inspired

We draw influence from our love of cinema, tv and literature to inspire the subject of our performances.

Be surprised

We challenge audience perceptions, taking you on an unexpected journey to see things differently.

Be involved

We make the audience integral to the show. This is not theatre, it's interactive entertainment.

Be cinematic

We use cinematic technologies to create a multi-media experience for a wider modern audience.

Be a team

We foster and develop new talent, working with rising new actors, backstage crew and creative specialists.

Be ourselves

We have fun. This is escapism at its best and you’re invited to join us on the adventure.