We offer workshops for all types of groups. Choose from the options below or ask us to tailor something to suit your team.


Had enough of being bruised by paintballs and escaping from locked rooms? Why not try a team-building away day with The Lost Boys? Learn to safely punch the boss in the face with our combat sessions.

Drama Groups

Upskill your cast by investing in one of our stagecraft workshops. From vocal development to combat techniques, slapstick and stunts. We can tailor workshops to the needs of your production.


Making an Impact - A series of ice breakers that explore how to maximise the impact you make and radiate confidence, whether it be walking into a room or simply standing up to speak. This session looks at body language, removing physical barriers, building confidence, and owning the space and/or sharing the space with your client, no matter how large or small that space may be.

The Inner Voice - Exploring how the body works in terms of speech and establishing the link between breathing, posture and confident speaking. Discussing why breathing correctly is important, how it promotes confidence and how it can be utilised to best effect when speaking in public. We then build on this to explore tone, emphasis and intonation to ensure you get across the right message and gain authority if needed.

Vocal Development and Maintenance - creating a regime of vocal exercises that will build the power and colour of your voice, whilst simultaneously combating nerves. Alongside that you will be taught how to take care of your voice, including the do’s and don’t’s.

Structure - Learn how to best structure your speech and/or pitch to get maximum results. Tapping into extensive research and using pragmatic approaches this module helps you develop winning speeches to suit any need.

Putting it all together - A culmination of the other modules that provides you with the opportunity to put all those skills together and deliver a standout speech or presentation.

Through exciting practical sessions, The Lost Boys will teach you several key stage combat techniques either unarmed or armed and then film a group fight for you to take with you.

Through exciting stage combat, minor stunt sessions and film-making workshop, The Lost Boys will teach you the moves and challenge you to make your own mini-film that includes a fight sequence by the end of the day. These will then be edited by The Lost Boys and sent to you to keep.

The Lost Boys will guide you through the process of making a hilarious slapstick sequence, you will then be given the opportunity to develop your own, which will be filmed and edited for you by The Lost Boys.


Half day

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