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A play for anyone who has tried to write a screenplay - or teach creative writing...

Billy, a writer, is reliant on teaching scriptwriting for a living and the bottle for oblivion; his sense of self-worth is teetering on the edge. When Mac, his best friend, a banker and would-be producer, offers him a screenplay to write, the offer is not all it seems... “Anyone can write...Writing is the great free market of artistic expression. There’s no exams to pass, no subs to pay, no fees, no licence. It’s open slather. Entirely self-regulatory. You can do whatever you please. Like banking”


  • Co-production

  • Seated performance

  • Indoor performance

  • UK premiere

Looking Back

Following on from the success of Ears on a Beatle, we looked for another script, we quite liked the fact that Ears on a Beatle had been a UK Premiere and so sought another of that ilk. We read dozens of plays, but this one won out. The script sparkled and felt like a good fit. This time the play was by a New Zealand playwright and so the characters were too. We struck up a deal once again, with Derby LIVE and co-produced together. We went straight into rehearsal upon our return from Edinburgh Festival Fringe and high with success. We went from playing American FBI agents to a New Zealand merchant banker and writer. All of this whilst still writing and developing our own work. The play helped us really, as it deconstructed the structures of narrative and plot development by riffing and hating on Robert McKee treatise, 'Story'.

Cast & Creative Team

  • Ben Adwick as Billy

  • Paul Broesmith as Mac

  • Director - Pete Meakin

  • Production Manager - Steve Greatorex

  • Sound Designer - Jim Rolley

  • Deputy Stage Manager - Dave Barton