Expect clowning, chaos and mischief in this three-man strolling street performance: a contemporary re-telling of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The Lost Boys work with Freckled Mischief to create, well, mischief! An interactive walkabout act blending Frank L Baum's stories, characters and contemporary politics. Weird! See the Tin Man cease up under pressure, The Lion jump in fear and the scarecrow have no clue about, well anything really, yet somehow, the need to get home forces them to look for help from the leaders of this world. What could go wrong?

  • Co-production

  • Outoor performance

  • Family friendly

Looking Back

Freckled Mischief first approached The Lost Boys to collaborate on a project as part of a PHd. The initial concept was Oz Characters trapped here rather than Dorothy trapped in Oz. The outcome to ask for help and engage the audience in political discourse to achieve agonism - yep we had no clue either, look it up! Funded by ACE and The University of Loughborough this piece was performed at Feste, several conferences and turned into short film as part of the final Thesis.This was in fact the second project The Lost Boys has collaborated on as part of post graduate study!

Cast & Creative Team

  • Ben Adwick as Scarecrow

  • Antoinette Burchill as Lion

  • Paul Broesmith as Tinman

  • Artistic Director - Holly Stoppit

  • Movement Director - Kitty Winter

  • Costume Designer - Tim Heywood