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Join The Lost Boys as they journey to a time of Gods and Heroes, where Monsters, Myth and reality collide causing absolute chaos. Derby LIVE favourites, The Lost Boys turn their attention to Ancient Greek Mythology for their latest adaptation, expect a wacky adventure (as if they made it whilst trying to get their Blue Peter badge) featuring wigs, swords, sandals and sticky back plastic.

An epic and comic exploration of classical Greek mythology including well known tales featuring Hercules, Achilles, Theseus, Perseus, The Minotaur, Medusa and the Kraken. All delivered in The Lost Boys inimitable style.

  • The Lost Boys devised

  • Bring your own seat

  • Outdoor performance

  • Family Friendly

Looking Back

The Lost Boys have created lots of work for the summer season, however, this work has predominantly come in the form of street theatre or outdoor promenade work, working with the likes of Manchester Arts International, Mimbre, Jeremy Shine, Feste and Watch this Space. Monsters, Myths and Mayhem was to be our first foray into traditional outdoor static summer fayre.

However, as you know by now, The Lost Boys rarely stick to tradition. Thus, out went the ideas of straight literature adaptations, children's books and the usual summer fodder. In came a new take on Greek Mythology, Lost Boys style. Paul and Ben would by the happenstance of a Greek artefact (maguffin) end up in the realm of Ancient Greek mythology. Chaos would ensue. We wanted to draft in certain elements of Greek Theatre including a Greek Chorus and rhythmic speech and song.

With our biggest cast to date, we created movement set-pieces, songs, and props made out of lots of cardboard. We wanted the whole feel of it to be like children creating their own worlds to play in, using cardboard boxes to build boats, forts, monsters, the underworld etc. The result: an enjoyable adventure for all the family.

See you next summer!

Cast & Creative Team

  • Ben Adwick

  • Paul Broesmith

  • Samantha Hempsall

  • Laura Mae Mellor

  • Mat Shepherd

  • Sound - John Adams