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Join Van Helsing on his hunt for the Monsters of Sudbury Hall.

Dare you brave the night time grounds of Sudbury Hall for a Halloween spooktacular? Come face-to-face with the scariest of the Hammer Horror monsters, as Van Helsing leads you around the grounds of the estate. Together you must brave the werewolves and vampires in search of Doctor Frankenstein, and you must stop his nightmarish experiments before it's too late and his creation is brought to life. An immersive, interactive night time adventure, not for the feint of heart!

  • The Lost Boys Devised

  • Interactive

  • Promenade Performance

  • Outdoor performance

Looking Back

Having enjoyed successes with the BFI and British Horror events, we turned our attention to Hammer Studios. There could not be a better fit for our brand of scares and laughs. We knew it had to be Sudbury Hall, the layout of the building, the cellar, the nooks and crannies, the shadowy grounds and lake, all perfect setting for an immersive and interactive monster hunt. This hunt was led by Van Helsing who guided the audience on a mission to stop Victor Frankenstein's new experiments, along the way a werewolf and Count Dracula would also play their part. This was our largest cast to date, we drafted in actors to be an ensemble who loved frightening the audience. We decided to keep the audience numbers small ensuring maximum interaction. One of our fondest memories was a woman threatening her husband as we were trapped in the cellar stuck between a werewolf and a vampire. We cannot print the language she used here, but it was colourful. This event would spawn a sequel run the next year and we are quite sure it will be resurrected in the future...watch this space!

Cast & Crew

  • Ben Adwick as Count Dracula & the Werewolf

  • Paul Broesmith as Professor Abraham Van Helsing

  • Danny Solomon as Dr Victor Frankenstein

  • Patrick Peters, Jordan Peters, Chris Coleman, Amelia Finch, Harry Sunley, Lewis Blackwell - Scarers