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The journey begins...

Marlowe Scott and Osbourne are two competing Thespians and life-long rivals, they are vying for the artistic directorship of a new theatre in the nations capital owned by the enigmatic Lord Verne. Scott has come up with a crazy plan to circumnavigate the globe performing 80 plays in their countries of origin. Lord Verne has sent Scott on this quest and agreed that if he is successful then the directorship will be his. However Scott does not have a cast, until he recruits Beckett, a street entertainer plying his trade in London. The two of them set off on their legendary journey, but will they make it? Will they return in time? And will Osbourne be able to stop them.

  • The Lost Boys devised

  • Seated performance

  • Indoor performance

Looking Back

This show came about because we wanted to create something that we would like to go and see. I think it was probably a product of us simply brain-vomiting onto the page and eventually the stage. Ben and I worked really hard on this - our debut show as The Lost Boys - and the production went through so many changes and drafts before we hit on the idea of Jules Verne's novel. We read it and decided to use it as a vehicle for our mish-mash of theatrical ideas. We are big fans of adventure books and films and Verne was a perfect fit. This then provided a framework for the narrative. We threw everything at this show, from sword fights, to french absurdism and burlesque. We have fond memories of working on this show and regularly talk about a revival, but the time hasn't come...yet!

Cast & Crew

  • Ben Adwick as Osbourne

  • Paul Broesmith as Beckett

  • Danny Solomon as Scott

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